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Story time: How I got into outreach marketing

‘Outreach’ or ‘influencer marketing’ is still a relatively young branch of digital marketing, which has really grown in popularity over the past three or four years. As explained in last week’s blog post, it started out as a straightforward off-page SEO technique. Thankfully it has now evolved into so much more! But how do people end up on this seemingly unknown career path? Well, here is my story.

Fresh out of uni

In July 2013, I graduated from the University of Bath with a first class BSc in Business Administration. Many of my friends immediately started graduate schemes at famous FMCGs or banks, but I knew that I did not want to to do that – I wanted to start my career in a much more specialised role. Only problem was, I did not know which type of marketing to specialise in yet! I knew from previous internships that I really enjoyed online marketing, but that still seemed a bit vague to me.

How I stumbled into SEO…

While I was still deciding this, I also knew I wanted to improve my German skills which had seriously deteriorated since I stopped studying the language in 2009. So I started looking for work experience in Berlin, one of my favourite places on Earth. I landed an internship at mega fashion e-commerce Zalando… and although I’d applied for a Business Development internship, they placed me in the SEO team!

So I arrived on my first day, thinking to myself “what on Earth is SEO?”. Luckily I ended up having three amazing managers (see her blog, her Twitter and his Twitter!) who taught me a heck of a lot about on- and off-page SEO (thanks guys!). I absolutely loved my six-month internship, and I knew I’d discovered something I was passionate about. Working in SEO combined creative and technical skills in a way that greatly appealed to me.

My favourite part of the job was outreach to prominent fashion and lifestyle bloggers – I loved looking for new up and coming blogs, reaching out, and building relationships with these friendly bloggers. I built many relationships I’m still proud of today.

(And my German? Well, let’s just say living with English flatmates and working with French colleagues did not help!)

…and loved it!

After six months, I decided to move back to France for personal reasons, so I started looking for SEO internships in Nice. After struggling to find anything for a  few weeks, I decided to create my own business as a SEO and Community Management consultant, and started landing work this way.

My main client was a French luxury shoe retailer called Bagllerina. During six months, I managed their social media profiles, optimised their website, and built relationships with famous fashion bloggers.  During my time there, the website climbed to 1st place on Google’s SERP for over 10 relevant keywords,  I obtained some good content placements (like Zoe Macaron‘s blog) and  I significantly grew their social following (+ 1,000 fans on Facebook).

My Masters Dissertation

After this successful gap year in 2013-2014, my heart was set on working in digital marketing and more specifically SEO and outreach marketing. I looked for Masters in London with a strong focus on digital marketing, and ended up graduating in summer 2015 from King’s College London.

For my Masters dissertation, I compared the effectiveness of influencers vs. traditional celebrities in delivering marketing messages to consumers. My results confirmed that due to their similarity to readers, likeability and credibility, bloggers are a much more effective message source than traditional spokespeople – find out more here if you dare read the whole dissertation!

And finally, my first job!

My dissertation, as well as a year’s worth of experience in SEO and outreach marketing, landed me a job at Totaljobs Group as an Outreach Specialist in October 2015. My passion for the field has also pushed me to create this blog!

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How I got into outreach marketing


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