Daily habits of outreach marketers

Daily habits of the great outreach marketer

Outreach marketing isn’t just something you should be doing when launching content campaigns. It is an on-going process of monitoring and interacting with your brand audience and its influencers. That’s why it’s important for outreach marketers to pick up certain habits – and truly great outreach marketers will make sure to do these simple things every day.

1. Check your email

This is a pretty standard habit that everyone should have. But as outreach marketers it is vitally important that we regularly check our email inoxes to ensure we do not leave influencers waiting. After crafting that perfect outreach email, it would be a shame not to reply quickly when an influencer asks you for more information! This is especially true if the content you are pitching is time-sensitive e.g. a seasonal event or a news story.

2. Claim back thoseย links

Link reclamation is an important part of outreach marketing. So what is it? It consists of searching the web for any instance when your website could/should have been linked back to. These instances include mentions of your brand or uses of your unique blog content for example.

You can pick up these really quick and simple habits to start link reclamation:

  • Run a Google search for your brand name, and filter by the last 24 hours to see recent mentions.
  • Run that same Google search with misspellings – for example, ‘The Body Sohp’ instead of ‘The Body Shop’
  • Run a Google search for any assets you recently published e.g. a surprising stat, a quote, or an image (Image Raider is a good tool to use for this).
  • Have a look at the ‘Link Monitoring’ in your Buzzstream projectsย to check for any broken or removed links

If you spot anything, you can them email the website owner. Link reclamation has a much higher conversion rate than standard outreach, as the interest is already there. It’s also a great way to start relationships!

3. Keep an eye on your social media…

Make sure to check out the profiles of anyone who follows you, mentions you or likes and comments on your social media posts. They could be potential influencers you hadn’t spotted yet – and clearly they have an interest in your brand! It’s alsoย interesting to have a look at your competitors’ followers and who they interact with, to pick up some ideas.

4. …and on everyone else’s

Run a quick Twitter search for hashtags and chats that are relevant to your brand e.g. #bbloggers for beauty brands, or #travelbloggers for travel brands. This is great way to gauge influencers’ interest in the topic as well as their reach – for example, how often do they get retweeted?

5. Send selfless emails

If you have a new blog post or other piece of content that’s just gone live, send it out to influencers. Better yet, if you’ve spotted an article or some information published elsewhere that you know they’d like, send it on. Simply passing on useful and relevant information (make sure it IS useful!) without asking for anything back is great way to build and maintain their respect for you. You can also simply email influencers you haven’t contacted in a while just to say hi – most of them will appreciate the gesture!

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Daily habits of the outreach marketer


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