3 months of blogging recap

3 months of blogging: a recap

It is the end of March, which means I have been blogging on this little website for three months now. I started this blog in January with a goal in mind of blogging once a week, and I am happy to say I have kept that up for 14 weeks straight! I am really enjoying sharing my outreach marketing tips, and will most probably keep blogging for a while.

Writing my blog has also opened my eyes to the existing outreach marketing blogosphere and I’ve discovered some truly great blogs which I now enjoy reading on a regular basis. I’m learning loads about influencers and outreach marketing, improving my writing and HTML skills, and even meeting like-minded people.

Looking back at my blog stats and own personal experience over the last three months, here are some highlights!

My most read blog posts:

My favourite blog post: Beyond SEO: 5 ways outreach marketing can improve your brand

My guest blogs:

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to the next three months here on Outreach Marketing Demystified.



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