Why you should be doing link reclamation

Often times, you will create an amazing piece of content, and then be disappointed with the amount of quality inbound links you get for it. But your carefully crafted content may actually be getting much more coverage than you think. This is because blogs, websites and news outlets will occasionally use your content without crediting you with the correct link, or even not add a link to your content at all!

What is link reclamation?

Now these blogs and websites aren’t necessarily being dishonest or sneaky. Many of them may simply have misspelled your domain, not known where the content actually originated from if they got it from a third party, or may simply have forgotten to link to you. 9 times out of 10, you can spin this into something extremely positive for your outreach marketing strategy, and simply ‘claim’ your link – this is the objective of link reclamation.

Why is it important?

Link reclamation is an important aspect of outreach marketing that marketers should regularly engage in simply because it is one of the easiest ways to obtain inbound links to your content.

The process’ conversion rate is extremely high, as the third party already has a positive sentiment for your content and maybe even your brand. They already like your content and have featured it – the hard part is done! Now you just need to convince them to go back in and correct a link or add one to the original content source: you.

How do I engage in link reclamation?

Google will be your best friend here. Once a week or once a month, run Google searches for:

  • Your brand name
  • Misspellings of your brand name (e.g. ‘Tophsop’ for Topshop)
  • Any content assets you recently published: interesting stats, definitions, unique quotes, etc.

Before you run these searches, change the date in Google advanced settings to only find content published within the last 24 hours, week, month, etc. – whatever you want to monitor. Another good tool to use for these searches is Social Mention.

If you find any mention of your brand with no link or an incorrect link to your website, or any webpage using your content without crediting you with a link – this is a golden opportunity!

Email the website owner with a polite and friendly email, explaining that you would like a link back to your website. Explain that this will benefit their visitors as well if they are looking for more information. The key to getting more responses is to avoid looking like a bot or spam, and be as helpful and informative as possible.

Does it work?

Most of the time, the website owner will change or add the link because you took the time to contact them, and they may have simply forgotten in the first place. They also realise that erroneous links affect their visitors’ experience too. Older links have lower response rates because the website owner may not be as concerned about older content.

Of course you should not claim links for every single mention of your brand ever. Check that the domain is of a high quality and relevant to your brand, and most importantly make sure that the added link would actually bring value to the readers and not simply look spammy or out of place!

When done for the right reasons and in the right way, link reclamation is an easy and effective part of outreach marketing.

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link reclamation


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