What outreach marketing metrics should you be using?

Just like any marketing strategy, outreach marketing needs to prove its worth. More specifically it needs to prove it has a solid ROI. In fact this is a demand you’ll often hear from senior levels of management, as outreach marketing is still a recent development and remains largely misunderstood. So how do you prove to them it is a worthwhile strategy?

Here are a few metrics you can use to prove its ROI in terms of your SEO goals and overall marketing objectives. Of course, the metrics you use depend on your campaign objectives, and you should mix and match according to your needs.

Outreach marketing metrics

  • The number and quality of inbound links – this is a pretty straightforward one. How many links did you obtain from influential websites and how relevant and high-quality are these websites? You can analyse their Domain Authority and traffic volumes for example.
  • Incoming traffic from these links – speaking of new inbound links, how much traffic are these links sending your way? If your outreach targeted websites with relevamt audiences, the traffic volume should be high!
  • Content engagement – how much engagement have you received on your newly created content, either on your website or the influencers’? This can be measured in likes and comments.
  • Social sharing – you need to look at engagement on social media as well. How many Facebook shares, likes, pins, repins, favourites, tweets and retweets did your content get? And how much traffic is coming in from this social sharing? Make sure you communicate links with tracking codes to the influencers you collaborate with to be able to keep an eye on this important metric.
  • New social media followers – how many new social media followers did you get? If you look specifically at the time period the content was being promoted you’ll get a good idea of the new followers who have joined you from your influencers’ followers.
  • Report or eBook downloads – if your promoted content included some kind of downloadable component like a report or an eBook, how many times was it downloaded, from your website or the influencers’?
  • New relationships – how many new relationships have you created with industry influencers? How well have they gone? Do you feel  you can successfully work with them again? This is of course a ‘fluffier’ metric but an important one in the long term!
  • Brand mentions – have a look around at other influencers in your industry and related industries. Has any of them mentioned your brand without linking? This is a great first step as it means you are top of mind. Doing link reclamation is a logical next step!

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