Involving influencers in content creation

An important rule of outreach marketing is to involve influencers as early on as possible. By simply sending an email once you’ve got a piece of content ready saying, “Hey, wanna share this?”, chances are you’ll get very few replies and even fewer mentions. But by involving influencers in content creation, they’ll be much more interested in your content and much more likely to share it in the end!

Marketers need to learn to involve influencers in the earlier stages of content creation: writing a blog post, designing an infographic, filming a video – whatever that may be! This will be hugely beneficial to your outreach marketing because:

  1. It will boost your content’s credibility. Ask influencers in your niche for their expert opinion on a certain topic, and that blog post will be much more credible than if your brand had written it alone. Make sure to include trust signals – blog URL, number of Twitter followers, accreditations.
  2. It will make your content more unique. By involving influencers, you’ll not only get their creative ideas to improve your content, but you’ll also make it stand out from competitors’.
  3. It will amplify your content’s reach. Because the influencers are involved in creating your content, they’ll want to share it with their own audience on their blog and social media channels. Make sure to mention them with their handle/account whenever you promote the content so they can also re-share!
  4. It will flatter the influencers, and hopefully lead to a fruitful relationship! If you are one of the first brands to approach them in this way instead of simply asking for a link, they’ll be much more likely to work with you on this and future projects.

So how do you start involving influencers in content creation? Here are a few ways:

  1. Ask them for feedback on a first draft of your content (article, white paper, infographic, video, etc.)
  2. Ask them for their input in your content by asking them a question or asking for a short paragraph on a particular topic
  3. Interview them for an exclusive interview on your blog
  4. Work together on a unique content project to design a co-branded piece such as an infographic
  5. Host a webinar or Twitter chat together

Thanks for reading!


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