5 things to never say to bloggers

5 things you should never say to bloggers

Bloggers have been working with brands for years now and they’ve seen it all. Some brands are excellent at outreach marketing and treat bloggers like the valuable business partners they are. Others… not so much.

Here are the top 5 things you should never say to bloggers if you want to ensure a happy and mutually beneficial collaboration!

“Dear Sarah”

…if their name is actually Lizzie. Make sure you’ve got their first name 100% right. If their blog name is something like “Miss London Foodie”, please don’t start your email with “Dear Miss London Foodie” – make the effort to find out their name! For this, check on their About page, their social media profiles or on tools like Vuelio or Gorkana.

For more tips on writing great outreach emails, click here.

“In return, you’ll get great exposure!”

Many bloggers work for themselves. Running a blog or YouTube channel is no easy feat; bloggers have to be content marketers, social media managers, copy editors, photographers, you name it. So do not expect them to work for your brand for free! Promising them ‘exposure’ on your website and social media channels won’t pay their rent.

“Did you get my email?”

Now I’m all for follow-up emails as bloggers (and other people!) do sometimes genuinely miss emails or forget to reply. One follow-up email is OK in most cases. But if a blogger still has not replied to you after that, do not bug them again with multiple emails and phone calls. If they are interested in collaborating, they will contact you.

“This is a great opportunity for you!”

By pitching your collaboration as ‘a great opportunity’ for the blogger, or worse, ‘the perfect fit’, you will come off as desperate and a bit of a bully! Simply explain your proposal and let bloggers decide whether this is the right project for their blog or not. You will never know their audience better than them, so don’t pretend to.

 “We’ll expect a link”

Outreach marketing is not solely for linkbuilding – or at least it shouldn’t be. Demanding a link from a blogger as soon as they mention your brand will most likely put them off as you are clearly in it just for the SEO value. Try building a long-term relationship instead and you’ll soon be gaining links organically.

Steering clear of these five dangerous sentences will boost your outreach marketing efforts!

Thanks for reading!


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