How Brexit sparked my first survey campaign

The Brexit referendum has a lot of implications for me in my personal and professional life. Personally, it was a huge shock and a pretty big slap in the face for an EU citizen living and working in the UK. Professionally, it means that my future at a UK company is uncertain.

Before the devastating result was announced, Brexit was the opportunity for me to run my first big content campaign based on a survey. In this blog post I will share the process I went through as well as the results!

Surveying 1,000 Europeans

I decided to survey the EU population working in the UK for this content project. I felt this would be an interesting population to survey as they probably had a lot of resentment and anxiety for a referendum that would affect their lives yet they had no say in.

I wrote 25 survey questions around the themes of living in the UK, working in the UK and their post-Brexit plans. I then commissioned research agency OnePoll to distribute my suvey to 1,000 Europeans of various nationalities working in the UK.

87% of Europeans are worried about Brexit

The survey uncovered some upsetting stats, including:

  • 87% of Europeans living in the UK are worried about the potential impact of Brexit, including 49% who fear for their job security and 37% who worry about the effect on their personal lives
  • 40% say the referendum has negatively affected their opinion of the country
  • 1 in 3 Europeans would feel discriminated against looking for a job in the UK at the moment

I hired a great freelancer to display the results in an infographic and a full report. I also commissioned author and politician Jonathan Fryer to write a comment about the results. Overall the content got over 15,000 visits and 200 social shares.

“The UK does not have the right to kick me out”

For a more personal touch, I started relationships with leading European bloggers living in the UK to ask for their thoughts on the referendum. You can read their stories here.

So what?

The objective of my content campaign was coverage and links. I was very happy with the results of my first ever large scale survey: 34 mentions and 19 links.

It was even picked up by national newspaper the Scotsman and the Polish press!

This campaign allowed me to learn how to manage several agencies and freelancers at once as well as to build relationships with European bloggers and journalists at leading publications.

So thank you to the referendum! Now go back in time and change the result please.



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