How do bloggers make money?

Ask any teenager what she wants to be when she grows up and the answer nowadays will probably be “a blogger!”. Many bloggers and YouTubers have now reached star-status and really shone the spotlight on the blogging industry as a whole.

So when did blogging go from being a hobby to a full-time job? And how in the world do bloggers make money?

Those star-bloggers make it look easy and pretty darn fabulous, posting photos and videos of red carpet premieres and exotic holidays. But blogging as a full-time job is hard work! Here are some of the activities that earn bloggers money:

  • Sponsored posts or videos: The blogger presents and reviews the brand’s product for his or her readers in a video or blog post.
  • Brand ambassador: Just like celebrities are hired to be the ‘face’ of famous perfume and fashion brands, a blogger can be hired to be an ambassador.
  • Affiliate marketing: A blogger receives a percentage of an online sale that was prompted by a blog post, social media post, video or banner ad placement. Or, bloggers can simply sell ad space on their blog (usually in a sidebar) although this is less common nowadays.
  • Product sales: A blogger can create and sell his or her own products on the blog such as eBooks, guides, templates, etc.
  • Writer/Freelancer/Consulting: Influencers can get paid for writing original blog posts or for providing advice to brands or businesses on their area of expertise.
  • Speaking/Guest appearances: The blogger can get paid to speak at or attend events and conferences. 

So what’s the lesson in all of this? Bloggers’ time is money so do not expect them to help your brand for free.


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