My Top 5 UK Beauty YouTubers

I spend way too many hours on YouTube watching beauty videos. More hours than I’d ever like to admit actually. I don’t know what it is that keeps me hooked – I like beauty and makeup products but that’s not the only reason.

Beauty YouTubers are creative people and their videos are often beautifully shot and edited – they’re enjoyable to watch for that reason. They are also natural and friendly, and now with the rise of ‘daily vlogs‘ you really feel a personal connection to them.

I have a list of beauty YouTubers that I am subscribed to, and I will watch all their new videos without fail. Here is my top 5 for your next Sunday YouTube beauty binge:



Lily is my #1 UK beauty YouTuber. I feel she is one of the most genuine beauty vloggers out there. She shows normal every day life, not a glamourised Insta-ready version and I love that. She is very personable and clever and her videos often bring value to my life – they teach me something.



I love watching Anna because I feel she is very similar to me – hyper organised, loves her to-do lists and meal plans, relatively healthy yet won’t say no to a good Dominos. Her taste in makeup and clothes is also similar to mine and I love hearing her recommendations. She is very friendly and every time you watch her videos you just want to hang out with her and watch Parks and Rec.



Suzie seems like one of the nicest girls you could meet. Her makeup tutorials are just the right level of complex and detailed yet doable. The girl knows her stuff – and has the cutest dog.



Victoria is in my eyes one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen – and yet she is very friendly and humble. Her videos have an aspirational quality that is pretty addictive: she shows the most gorgeous makeup, clothes and holidays yet remains personable and likeable!

Samantha Maria


Sammi is like a bubble of love and excitement – I absolutely love watching her videos. Although her style is very different to mine I love hearing her recommendations as she has incredible taste. And she’s pregnant now – can’t wait for baby videos!

Honourable mentions: FleurdeForce, Niomi Smart, Tanya Burr and I Covet Thee – love them too!

Read more about the power of beauty vloggers here.

Thanks for reading! Who are your favourite beauty YouTubers? 


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