My guide to outreach marketing – free download!

I’ve written a short guide “Introduction to Outreach Marketing” compiling all my tips and tricks. It contains everything you need to know to start engaging in outreach marketing for your business!

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Why you should be doing link reclamation

Often times, you will create an amazing piece of content, and then be disappointed with the amount of quality inbound links you get for it. But your carefully crafted content may actually be getting much more coverage than you think. This is because blogs, websites and news outlets will occasionally use your content without crediting you with the correct link, or even not add a link to your content at all!

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10 things bloggers wish you knew

10 things bloggers wish brands knew

Bloggers blog for multiple reasons, and these reasons are often very personal. For many, a blog is a creative outlet where they can enjoy and grow their passion for writing, photography and website design. Blogging is often a great way to engage with readers and other bloggers, meet like-minded people and make friends. Many bloggers also love to use the powerful voice they have to raise awareness for causes that are important to them and give back to their community.

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